Account & Billing FAQs

What will I be charged if I change my rate plan/features?

Cellcom does not charge a fee, or extend your contract, if you change your rate plan or features. However, if you have a promotional credit, and you change to a rate plan, you may lose your promotional credit. Be sure to ask about any current promotions on your line of service. Please note that because we bill a month ahead for service, should you change your rate plan, you will notice a proration on your next invoice.

Why is my bill so high?

There are many reasons your bill could change from month to month. If you made changes to your service, your bill could be higher due to proration since Cellcom bills a month in advance.

Overages during the month for data, minutes, roaming, or texting could increase your bill. Changing features to account for these overages will also reflect as an increase on the bill.

Another item to review on your invoice is the equipment section to review any charges for accessories or handsets.

What happened to my discount?

If you are receiving promotional or month-to-month discount(s), they may be void upon changing your rate plan or entering into a new agreement. Also, if you had been receiving a discount for being out of contract and recently upgraded or signed a new 2-year agreement, you will no longer be eligible for month-to-month discounts.​

When can I upgrade my phone?

Customers with a Flex agreement should refer to their Flex contract. Details on the program are located at

Customers with a 2 year contract can upgrade after completing 21 months of a 24 month contract. When you complete at least 12 months of service, you may be able to upgrade earlier with our Flex-12 program. In order to upgrade earlier than 21 months, you would need to trade in your last contracted device as long as it's still in good working condition.

For more details on these early upgrade options, or to find out your exact upgrade date, contact Customer Care at 800-236-0055 or 611 from a Cellcom phone.

Do I have to be the financially responsible person to refer customers to Cellcom?

No. All active lines, excluding select Employee lines, Lifeline, and Advance Pay PayGo lines, can make a referral to Cellcom. After discovering your unique referral code, easily share it with others via social media, email, or text message through our myReferrals portal.

How do I sign up for autopay and paperless bill to get the discounted unlimited rates?

You can sign up for autopay (only checking or savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill one of 3 ways:

  1. Call Customer Care at 611 or stop into a Cellcom retail location.
  2. On the myCellcom web portal, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under myBill.
  3. On the myCellcom App, sign up for autopay and paperless bill under Settings.

You need to sign up for BOTH autopay (only checking or savings accounts qualify for the discount) and paperless bill to receive the discounted unlimited rates. Credit and debit card payments are NOT eligible for the discount, only checking and savings accounts.​ For paperless bill, you must confirm your email address before you are considered signed up.

How many people can I send my referral code to?

​​There is no limit for the number of unique referral codes you send through the myReferrals page. However, you may only receive a maximum of $1,000 in​ referral credits within a calendar year.​

How will I know if my referral credit has been approved?

You will receive a text message confirming the referral credit has been applied to your account.

I set a data usage limit on a line. The line has reached that limit and data has been turned off. How can I get data turned back on?

There are 2 options to turn data back on for that line:

  • You can set the date usage limit higher. Data will turn back on within 60 minutes and that line can continue to use data until it meets/exceeds the new data usage limit set.
  • You can disable data usage limits on the line. The line will then have the ability to use as much data as it wants.
What are the Carrier surcharges and Taxes/Fees?

There are a number of different carrier surcharges, taxes and fees that may appear on your invoice. This includes the Regulatory and Other Recovery Fee, Federal Universal Service Fund, Wisconsin State Universal Service Fund, and Police and Fire Protection Fee. For more information, please go to

What can an authorized user do on an account?

​All users on the account must be authorized. There are different levels of authorization. The FRP (financially responsible person), APC (authorized per contract), and MIO (myInformation only). The FRP has the highest permission and can make any changes on the account. The APC is able to make some changes on the account and view multiple lines. myInformation only has access to only information specific their line of service. All users can make a payment.

When does my bill cycle end?

The cycle end date is located at the top, right hand corner of each bill (billing date) or your myCellcom account. This can vary from account to account. Your account will refresh the day after your end date.​

Who is authorized to see my account information?

​Only the "Financially Responsible Person" (FRP) and "Authorized Per Contract" (APC) will be able to view account information and/or make changes to your Cellcom account.

Why do I have charges on my bill for more than one month?

Cellcom bills for monthly access and features one month in advance. Therefore, if this is your first bill, you are billed from the date you started your service to the end of the billing cycle (partial-month, also known as proration), plus you are billed for the next month in advance.

Changes for a partial-month (proration) also occur when you change your rate plan/features. Because we billed in advance for the period when the change occurred, we must credit back what we charged for the old rate plan/feature, and then bill you the correct charge. In addition, you are billed the new rate plan/feature one month in advance.

This may also occur if you were temporarily suspended for nonpayment.

Why do I have this flex charge?

This charge is the monthly installment payment of your device/accessory. For more information, please go to