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Vietnam is changing every single day in order to become more welcoming and attractive for the travellers around the globe. But we at Tour My India keep ourselves updated so that in our Vietnam tour from India, our customers always get the best of this travel destination in Southeast Asia. When you choose us, you do not only choose a well-organized tour but a chance of sensory overload. Tour My India offer Vietnam holiday packages that can cater to all your needs and meet all your expectation for a blissful vacation. Our varied and well-manicured travel itineraries have something for everyone in Vietnam. Rest assured that your nature tours to pancake-flat rice land of the deltas and the gorgeous labyrinthine of Ha Long Bay are going to be as dreamy as possible when you book a tour with us.

Also, if gastronomic extravaganza interests you, our itineraries can give you a fill of it as well; head with us up and down of the country to savour incredible flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. If this adventure, isn’t enough, then we have the best of places in Vietnam in our travel guide to let you feel the chill down your spine with motorbiking up the jaw-dropping Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam; kitesurfing in oceanic waters off Mui Ne or hiking in the evergreen hills around Bac Ha or Sapa. Feeling tired already? We have therapies and spa arranged for you in our Vietnam travel packages so that no day is exhausting during your holiday. Apart from this, Tour My India takes care of your hotel bookings, ensure you get the most comfortable places to stay; flight bookings, visa arrangements, and transport in place.

Top places and tourist attraction to visit in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Popularly known as one of the most picturesque destinations cum tourist hub in Vietnam is Halong Bay. In the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a home to more than 2000 islands and tiny islets adorned with soaring limestone pillars, pristine nature, ethereal beauty, and surreal landscape.

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Chu Chi Tunnel

Some 60 km Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, there lies Chu Chi Tunnel – an extensive maze of 250 km long underground tunnels extending from South Vietnamese capital to the border of Cambodia. A part of this immense network also consists trapdoors, storage facilities, living areas, weapon factories, field hospitals, kitchens, and command centers which were once used by Viet Cong soldiers.

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Old Quarter Hanoi

A part of Hanoi which traces its history from the imperial time, and hence, given the name Old Quarter Hanoi. Situated just a few minutes away from Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter Hanoi is a convoluted network of streets packed with family-owned shops selling almost everything under the sun.

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War Remnants Museum

Once recognized as the ‘Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes’, the War Remnant Museum is one of the sought-after tourist attractions located in the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The museum is a realm of a tremendous assortment of periodic military equipment, helicopter, bomb, tank, unexploded ordnance, graphic photography, war atrocities, and more such exhibitions.

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Lake of Restored Sword

Lake of Restored Sword or worldly known as Hoan Kiem Lake was once part of Red River. Proffering a beautiful sight to gaze upon, the lake is one of the quaintest tourist attractions in Vietnam and is recognized for its azure green water and softshell turtle, which one can be easily spotted here.

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Central Post Office of Ho Chi Minh

Showcasing an impressive French period classic, Central Post Office was constructed in between 1886-1891 and is located in the downtown of the city Ho Chi Minh. On the walls, there is a throng of historic maps of Saigon, South Vietnam, Cholon along with a mosaic of Ho Chi Minh established inside the post office complex that altogether expand the pride of this revered travel place in Vietnam.

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