International Travel

International Travel

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Cellcom offers options for traveling outside of the United States.

  1. Traveling to Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands is included in many rate plans. Contact Customer Care at 611 to confirm you are on our latest plan with the latest SIM to receive these benefits.
  2. Change your SIM card upon arrival at your international destination and use your existing phone number while traveling internationally. Visit a Cellcom store or agent location to set up services. With this option, we will simply bill you for your usage. Review International Rates.
  3. Purchase an affordable international package prior to travel. With this option, you won’t see any charges on your bill regarding international travel. An eSIM capable device is required and you will be assigned a new international phone number to use while traveling.

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International Travel FAQs

Which option is best for me?

Available on most rate plans, with Cellcom's latest SIM card, you can use your current talk, text and data plan without any additional charges when traveling to Canada, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands.

If phone calls or Android text messages with your current phone number are a top priority, we’d recommend Cellcom’s international SIM card, provisioned prior to traveling. You’ll need a phone that is capable by having a physical SIM slot, or you can rent a world phone from Cellcom for free. You will need to stop in at any Cellcom retail or agent location to get set up. With this option, if you are not planning to use data when traveling, Cellcom can shut data off, so you are not charged for any unexpected data usage. Your device may still transmit and receive data without this intervention.

Many travelers do not have a need for their current phone number and are able to use apps like WhatsApp, Facetime Audio, and Apple iMessage for their communication needs. These are all used with data services only and no voice or text package would be required. If this meets your needs, a pre-paid international package, purchased through Cellcom’s partner Sim Local, is a much more affordable option.

What charges can I expect?

For customers using Cellcom’s international sim:

  • For customers using Cellcom's latest SIM card and traveling to a destination other than Canada, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, your domestic rate plan does not apply. Instead for customers using Cellcom's international SIM, international travel charges will appear on your invoice. There are 1,024 MB for every GB of data.
  • If you are renting a device, you will not be charged for the device rental unless the device is damaged, lost, or stolen. However, you are responsible for all charges applied to usage while you have a rental device. You will be charged based on your current wireless rate plan if you have your domestic Cellcom SIM in your device. If you have your international Cellcom SIM in your device, you will be charged international rates.

For customers using Sim Local’s prepaid international package:

  • Your domestic rate plan does not apply. You will toggle to your pre-purchased, prepaid Sim Local international eSIM. As long as you are on your international eSIM, all international usage will come out of this package.
  • You’ll purchase your package in advance of travel directly from Sim Local, so there are no additional charges on your Cellcom Bill.

How can I check if my device works for international travel?

For general device information, please visit the device page on Within the specifications tab, you’ll find if your device is "International Roam Capable." Devices that are capable have the option of using a Cellcom international sim or a prepaid international package from Sim Local.

If your device is not capable, Sim Local’s prepaid international package may still be an option. This requires devices to be eSIM capable. Here is a list of eSIM capable devices.

What if I need help while traveling internationally?

If you have any issues with your phone while traveling internationally, can you contact Cellcom Customer Care at (+1)800-236-0055 or email Cellcom at If you are using Sim Local’s prepaid international package, their global service team is available to help.

Helpful Tips:

  • To make a call back to the U.S., dial +1 area code and phone number.
  • The international loaner device does support Exchange email. Cellcom recommends you work with your IT department to provide account information, which will be needed for the email to be set-up, prior to travel.
  • If you have a gmail account, you can upload your contacts to the international loaner device.
  • Picture messaging may not work when traveling internationally.
  • If you have an iPhone, iMessage and Facetime Audio will work on WiFi.

Will Wi-Fi work while traveling?

Most smartphone models are capable of Wi-Fi and should work on Wi-Fi networks even when traveling internationally. If your device is capable of using Wi-Fi, it should work on a Wi-Fi signal even if data is disabled.

What is the difference between international travel and international long distance?

If you are staying in the United States and seek to call someone in another country, you will want to use International Long Distance, instead of an international travel option.

What is International Long Distance?

International Long Distance allows you to dial an international exchange from the United States. In order to have international long distance capability on your phone, you need to contact Cellcom Customer Care at 611 to have a feature added to your account.

When you place an international long distance call, you will be charged an international long distance rate. Additionally, you will use minutes from your voice package if you are not on an unlimited plan. If you have used all included minutes from your plan, you will be charged the additional airtime rate.

To make an international call, simply:

  • Dial the international access code +, 001 or 011
  • Dial the appropriate country code for the country you are calling
  • Dial the number you are calling
  • Press Send